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Custom permissions

With netECM:UserDevice, each user has exactly the permissions he needs. Decide which applications, which users, which devices and which functions are relevant to the user and he will not even see the rest.

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Simple daily business

netECM:UserDevice provides a wide range of features to simplify your daily tasks.

  • Assign applications to users or devices
  • Stage devices
  • Create new devices
  • Replace existing devices
  • etc
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Enhanced status info

netECM:UserDevice shows important status values of devices and users. The staging status tells you where in the staging process a device is at and with the application and update status you can immediately see if a device is compliant or not.

Product benefits

  • Easy web frontend for your daily tasks with helpfully wizards
  • Reduce time to read log files trough simplified dashboards
  • Rich status information per device and user
  • Customizable to support many environments
  • Application assignment per device or user
  • Manage primary device/user relationships
  • Running scripts on add, restage and delete device events
  • Multi-Tenant capable

Minimal environment

  • Microsoft SCCM 2012 or higher

Recommended environment

  • Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr 2012 or higher
  • Netree netECM:App


There are multiple licensing plans available. Check it out here!

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