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Describe your package

Describe your package in a standardized XML file, which is interpreted and applied by the netECM:Launcher.

Handle open applications

If an installation requires closing an running application, netECM:Launcher can notify the current user in an interactive dialog to close the program. Or if you want netECM:Launcher just kills the process.

Central logging

netECM:Launcher creates a detailed log file for every installation and logs the result of each execution in one central log file on the computer.

Product benefits

  • Standardization concept
  • Open application handling
  • Reporting
  • History/Compliance

Minimal environment

  • Software deployment tool like SCCM

Recommended environment

  • Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr 2012 or higher
  • Netree netECM:App


There are multiple licensing plans available. Check it out here!

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