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Prepare your packages

Let netECM:App create a package directory for your package engineer according to our well-tested naming conventions. If you use netECM:Launcher, a configuration file is also created and prepared.

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Register applications

When your software package is ready, provide it to your ConfigMgr Sites with netECM:App. The wizard is optimized for different types of software packages such as MSI, App-V, Scripts and netECM:Launcher packages.

Collections and deployments

Create and manage your device and user collections for installations and uninstalls with netECM:App. Create you own deployment environments for test or pilot installations.

Product benefits

  • Standardization concept
  • Reduced possibility of human mistakes when check-in many applications
  • Reduced time to check-in applications by 80%
  • Command line support
  • Multi-Tenant capable

Minimal environment

  • Microsoft SCCM 2012 or higher

Recommended environment

  • Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr 2012 or higher
    Netree netECM:Launcher


There are multiple licensing plans available. Check it out here!

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